Vin de Pays des Côtes de Gascogne

Owner : Yves Grassa
Estate Size : 400 Hectares (980 Acres)
Region : Côtes de Gascogne (SouthWest)
Varietals : Ugni Blanc & Colombard

Yves Grassa, the proprietor of Domaine de Pouy, has invested intelligently in modern vinification equipment in order to assure that this exuberant, super aromatic, light-bodied dry white is the standard to which others are held. The estate is located in the foothills of Pyrénées, near the appellations of Madiran and Jurançon, about two hours southwest of Bordeaux.
The cold fermentation of Ugni Blanc from the Bas-Armagnac region captures vibrant aromatics and guards freshness. The wine has a penetrating floral green apple fragrance, and is loaded with refreshingly crisp and flavorful fruit. Domaine de Pouy has consistently been one of our finest values, and above all – is simply delicious!

• 60% Ugni Blanc (this is Trebbiano in Italy)
• 40% Colombard
• The wines are made using skin contact and kept cold for four to
six hours in order to extract the maximum aromatics and preserve
bright fruit flavors.
• Blended & bottled fresh around the first of February every year.

Estate information
Yves Grassa is without question one of Gascony’s most innovative and progressive winemakers. Located in southwestern France, Gascony is most well known as the origin of Armagnac and Three Musketeers. Twenty-five years ago Yves saw past these limitations. He believed with proper clonal selection, vigorous vineyard work and ultra modern vinification techniques this region could produce stunning wines even though it would always hold a Vin de Pays designation.
Domaine de Pouy is one of the backbone wines to the Kacher Portfolio. It is produced from a varietal known as Ugni Blanc. Ugni Blanc is the main component in Armagnac and Cognac but has been used in wines for local consumption for years. Yves knew that with diligence in the vineyard and highly skilled winemaking, Ugni Blanc produces a lovely wine with wonderful fruit in an easy-drinking style. He believed it could be the perfect house wine for everyday enjoyment.
Domaine de Pouy is a selection of the best parcels found on the 400-hectare estate. These lots produce grapes with the highest level of ripeness. The grapes are sorted at the winery. Pouy is produced from the free run juice of these grapes and the first gentile pressing. The wine sees a short skin contact before fermentation that increases its aromatic intensity. The fermentation is in temperature-controlled tanks. The wine then rest on its lees for 3 months before bottling. Bobby and Yves taste through all the tanks and the finest tanks make up the 15,000 cases of wine imported into the United States.
Since its introduction to the US over 15 years ago, Domaine de Pouy has received wonderful accolades form the winepress. It is an annual best buy form Robert Parker. But more importantly, it has been embraced by wine buyers everywhere for its pretty fruit flavors, crisp texture and versatility with food.

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